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Netball Shooting Techniques
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Basic Shot Technique

Plan purpose

To learn, develope and practice shooting

Plan Overview

Understanding the rules shooting in netball.
Understanding the key techniques to perfect shooting in netball.
How should you receive the ball to best in a position to shot for goal?
What mental techniques can you use to make sure you score?
How should your legs, arms and hands be doing whilst shooting?
What to do once the shot has been released?
Drills and tips to practice these techniques

Plan Videos

Developing a sound shooting technique is important for every other shooting technique you'll learn. This guide will introduce you to the basic shot technique.
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Mastered the basic shot technique? Now challenge yourself and vary your shooting distances...
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You can't stand still for long! This pairs drill will work on your movement and shot preparation inside the circle...
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You're unlikely to take two consecutive shots from the same position. This drill will get you used to shooting from a variety of distances and angles..
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