Overhead Pass

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In this video guide we’re going to look at the overhead pass technique.

As you move the ball down court you have a range of passing options available and the pass you use will vary according to a number of factors... like whether there’s a defender between you and the player you’re trying to reach, and whether the intended receiver of the pass is moving or not.

The overhead pass allows you to pass over the top of a defender so it’s very effective if you’re being marked by a taller player, or passing to a tall player on your own team. This pass should be a quick flat flight path in a straight line towards your target. It’s a basic pass, so you’ll be able to learn the technique quite quickly, and it allows a good degree of control, too and provides a passing option that defenders will find hard to intercept.

The overhead pass is used by every player on the court and it’s equally useful for short ... and long passes.... so you’ll see this pass used to hit long distance targets, especially from throw-ins, penalty passes and one-on-one down court play.

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Key Points:

Point 1:
The overhead pass is a quick flat pass that’s thrown overhead and is very effective to avoid defenders.
Point 2:
Start with the ball above your head with both hands behind ball and your fingers pointing up and thumbs together.
Point 3:
To throw the pass, step forward and propel the ball forward as you move your weight onto your leading foot, and push through with your hands so that your fingers end up pointing in the direction of the pass.

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