Chest Pass

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In this video guide we’re going to show you the technique for the chest pass.

The chest pass is probably the first pass technique you’ll learn in netball. It’s a basic pass that you should be able to rely on, and with some practice you’ll be able to master it fairly quickly too. The chest pass is a simple, accurate and controlled pass that you’ll see used by players in every position on the court, and it’s mainly used for shorter distances. You’ll often see the chest pass used by mid court players, like centres and wing attacks as they feed balls into the goal shooter and goal attack inside the circle.

As the name suggests, this pass is thrown at chest height so it’s a direct pass that can only really be used when there is no defender between the passer and receiver.

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Key Points:

Point 1:
Start with the two handed catch position and spread your fingers behind the ball in a W shape, with your elbows low and close to your body.
Point 2:
Transfer your weight forward whilst, engaging the core muscles and pushing your hands through from behind ball.
Point 3:
And finally, follow through with your arms, hands and fingers pointing towards the target.

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