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In this video guide we’re going to look at the basic skills of catching a netball.

Catching the ball means your team maintains possession and takes you one step closer to a chance to shoot. Great netball players practice their catching and ball handling skills every time they have netball training, so if you want to improve your game, it’s worth spending time practicing your catching skills too.

Catching is a skill that’s equally important to every position on the court – from Goal keeper to Goal shooter – being able to catch and secure the ball reliably and consistently is an essential part of being a valuable member of your netball team.

You should always attempt to catch the ball even if you don’t manage to bring it under control. You might stop the ball reaching your opponent or you may be able to deflect the ball to a team mate – either way its better than simply allowing the ball to get into the hands of the opposing team. Watch this free online video to find out more!

Key Points:

Point 1:
Keep your feet about shoulder’s width apart, your knees slightly bent and your head up watching the ball into your hands.
Point 2:
For a two handed catch spread your fingers around back and side of ball with thumbs making W shape, flex your elbows and take the ball with soft hands, so that you can cushion the ball towards body.
Point 3:
For a one handed catch, watch the pass carefully and receive the ball with an open palm and your fingers outstretched, and then secure the ball with your free hand at around chest height in front of you.
Point 4:
Finally, when catching whilst moving forwards run onto the ball keeping your head up, your eyes on the ball and concentrate on taking a clean catch with two hands. As you see a space to move into for a pass, drive forward and extend your arms ready to receive the pass and then finish with a controlled landing.

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